Safety is a primary concern with backyard playground equipment.  One of the many reasons why children’s play on their playset should be supervised at all times.  The backyard play experts at Rainbow Play Systems of Colorado have provided their 10 rules for safe play:

  1. Close adult supervision is required for children of all ages.
  2. Warn children to avoid playing or walking in front of, behind or between moving equipment.
  3. Only one person on a swing at a time with a maximum weight of 350 pounds per swing on full-sized play sets.
  4. Have children sit, NEVER STAND OR KNEEL, in the center of the swing seat
  5. Warn kids against pushing empty swing equipment, twisting chains or ropes or jumping off moving swing equipment or decks. DO NOT use any part of the playset in a manner other than what it is intended.
  6. Children shouldn’t wear scarves, hats with straps, bike helmets, jackets with draw strings or other loose-fitting clothing. It is best to avoid attire that can become entangled or snagged on the playground equipment.
  7. Warn children not to attach items to the swing set such as jump ropes, clotheslines or pet leashes – as it could cause a strangulation hazard.
  8. Do not alter your swing set with any non-factory parts. This could cause safety hazards and potentially void Rainbow’s lifetime warranty.
  9. Children should not play on equipment if it is wet. Slippery surfaces are a safety hazard that could cause injury.
  10. It is recommended to not exceed a combined weight of 1,000 pounds on the system at one time – for their full-sized play sets.

For more safety tips or questions – call a backyard design expert at 303-292-0206 or visit their swing set and trampoline superstore today at 5250 Broadway Denver, CO 80216.  You can view their current promotions or visit their website for further information.  Bring your kids in for a test drive today!

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