Why do Springfree trampolines exist?  The answer is simple – safety.  They have been designing industry leading recreational trampolines for over 20 years, and selling in over 25 countries.  This experience has unearthed several trampoline myths.  It is important to cover common myths about trampolines and how Springfree bucks the trend.

Myth #1: Trampolines = Injuries

A key to trampoline safety is knowing how to use them, and knowing which trampolines are safe to use.  Most modern trampolines are focused on safety – especially Springfree’s, which is designed with a hidden frame to eliminate hard surfaces to fall on.

Myth #2: Trampolines fall apart easily, and constructed with poor materials

Poorly constructed frames can weaken over time and cause serious injury to a jumper.  Springfree trampoline is the only brand with a full 10-year warranty on every aspect of the trampoline.  Rigorously tested – Engineered safe, and built to last!

Myth #3:  My Backyard is too small for a trampoline

Springfree offers trampolines in several shapes and sizes.  For the small backyards, Springfree offers an 8 ft round option, as well as an 8ft by 11ft oval shape model.

Myth #4:  Trampolines are dangerous and not safety tested

Springfree trampoline seeks to set a higher standard for children’s safety.  Their trampolines were only 1 of 8 different trampoline brands that passed every single safety test.

Myth #5:  Trampolines are only for the summer

Springfree trampolines are designed for the harshest conditions, and safe use year-round!  Jumping on the trampoline for 10 minutes in the morning is a great way to warm up and get your blood pumping—plus it’s the equivalent of 30 minutes of physical activity—so get out there!

Myth #6:  Trampolines are just for kids

Trampolines are fun for the entire family and a great excuse for family time!   After seeing how much fun their kids have, parents can’t keep themselves off.

Myth #6:  Trampolines are just for fun, not exercise

It’s like having a gym in your backyard. A NASA study shows that 10 minutes of jumping on the trampoline is the equivalent of 30 minutes of running.  Bouncing on a responsive trampoline surface will give your children better coordination in other sports and physical activities, and give them stronger bones later in life, lowering their risk of osteoporosis.

Have more questions?  You can call a Springfree expert at 303-292-0206 or visit their swing set and trampoline superstore today at 5250 Broadway Denver, CO 80216.  You can view their current promotions or visit their website for further information.  Bring your kids in for a test drive today!

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