Hosting a backyard playdate is a fantastic way to encourage social interaction and active play among children. With a well-equipped playset and some creative planning, you can turn your Denver backyard into the ultimate playdate destination that kids will love. Here are some tips to help you host memorable and enjoyable playdates using your playset.


Prepare Your Playset and Yard

Safety Check: Before the playdate, perform a thorough check of your playset. Ensure all equipment is secure, and there are no loose parts or sharp edges. Check for wasps’ nests or other pests that might have made a home in hidden areas.


Clean and Tidy: Clean the playset and the surrounding area. Remove any debris, trim grass and bushes, and ensure the play area is inviting and safe for all activities.


Set Up for Fun: Depending on the age and interests of the children, you might want to add extra play items like balls, hula hoops, or a temporary slide. Set up a designated area for crafts or quieter activities for children who might need a break from physical play.


Plan Engaging Activities

Themed Playdate: Create a theme for the playdate, like pirates, space explorers, or jungle adventure, and decorate your playset and backyard accordingly. This can help spark the children’s imaginations and keep them engaged.


Games and Contests: Organize games that incorporate the playset, such as a treasure hunt involving clues hidden around the playset or timed obstacle courses using the playset features. Friendly competitions can add excitement and keep energy levels high.


Creative Corner: Set up a section of your yard for creative activities that complement the physical play. This could include sidewalk chalk for drawing, stations for water or sand play, or simple craft activities that match the playdate’s theme.


Consider Safety and Comfort

Supervision: Ensure there is adequate adult supervision at all times. This keeps the play safe and gives parents peace of mind.


Sun and Weather Protection: Set up sunshades or canopies to protect children from Denver’s strong sun. Have sunscreen available and remind children to reapply as needed. If the weather turns, have a backup plan for indoor activities.


Hydration and Snacks: Provide plenty of water and healthy snacks. Set up a snack station away from the play areas where kids can take breaks and refuel. Consider allergies and dietary restrictions when planning your snack menu.


Communicate with Parents

Send Invitations: Provide all necessary details to parents, including the date, time, theme, and any items they should bring, such as extra clothes, sun hats, or specific gear.


Emergency Information: Have contact information and any pertinent medical information for all children. It’s also wise to discuss emergency protocols with other parents beforehand.


Feedback and Follow-Up: After the playdate, reach out to parents for feedback. This can help you make future playdates even more successful and enjoyable.


Enhance the Experience

Memorable Moments: Take pictures or even set up a simple photo booth with fun props related to the theme. Share these with parents (with their permission) as a memento of the fun day.


Parting Gifts: Consider giving kids a small parting gift, like a craft they made during the playdate or a themed goody bag. This can leave them with a positive lasting impression of their day at your home.



With careful planning and a bit of creativity, your playset and backyard can provide the perfect setting for a fun and memorable playdate. By focusing on safety, engagement, and communication, you can ensure that both children and their parents enjoy the gathering and look forward to many more.

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