Safety is the number one priority when choosing a trampoline.  While the kids jump around testing for bounciness, parents shop for peace of mind.  You spend a lot of time protecting your family and you want your trampoline to do the same.

With several trampoline brands to choose from, it is important to pay close attention to the details.  You want a backyard trampoline to get your family outside and active – not become a safety hazard!

Please consider these four things when comparing trampolines:

  1. The Enclosure

A trampoline enclosure should be a requirement!  Although, not all enclosures are created equal.  You are seeking an enclosure that has a flexible net, without hard objects.  Look for the enclosure to keep the jumper safe, by securing them inside the trampoline – avoiding injuries.

Springfree trampolines come equipped with Flexinet which is UV stabilized and patterned after commercial fishing nets.  Backed with an industry leading 10-year warranty.

  1. The Frame

A heavy-duty constructed frame is essential for longevity and safety.  Beware of trampolines where the jumper can collide into the frame.

Hard surface contact points can cause injuries.  This is why Springfree trampoline’s “Hidden Frame” is so amazing.  The strongest trampoline frame is UNDER the jumping surface so you can’t hit it!

  1. The Springs

Spring-based trampolines have been around for several decades.  It is best to avoid the models with exposed springs (even if they are covered by a mat).  These can be very dangerous when a jumper bounces too close to the edge.

Instead, look for a trampoline using tension rods – like the Springfree trampoline.  Because the jumper can bounce all over the mat without getting injured on the springs.

  1. The quality of materials

Poorly constructed frames can weaken over time and cause serious injury to a jumper.  Springfree trampoline is the only brand with a full 10-year warranty on every aspect of the trampoline.  Engineered safe, and built to last!

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