Backyard playgrounds can bring families endless fun. In order to keep your backyard swing set in great shape for years, you’ll need to perform seasonal maintenance to protect it from the elements. Rainbow Play Systems of Colorado offers outdoor playground equipment, including swing sets, wooden playsets, and trampolines.  Given their 30 years of expertise, they would like to share some tips on how to take care of your play set during the winter.

Here are three tips on protecting your outdoor playset during the winter:

  1. Clean it Up

When leaves and debris pile up on your swing set or trampoline, it can create a breeding ground for mildew and mold during the cooler months. Give your outdoor play equipment a thorough cleaning before the harsh winter weather arrives. It’s also a good idea to remove any toys your children may have forgotten on and around the playset.

  1. Give it Sunshine

Moisture is one of the biggest destroyers of outdoor playsets. It will cause the wood to rot and potentially attract vermin and burrowing bugs. Move your outdoor play equipment to a dry area, such as the top of a hill, with plenty of sunshine, so moisture from rain and snow evaporates quickly.

  1. Cover the Sandbox

If your outdoor play equipment includes a sandbox, you should cover it with a weighted tarp or lid to protect the sand. Wet sand is an attractive spot for animals to relieve themselves—avoid this problem by keeping it as dry as possible.  Nobody wants to have the neighborhood litterbox in their backyard!

  1. Inspect the equipment before the playtime

Keep playtime safe by inspecting your swing set or trampoline before the kids play.  If there is ice built up on the steps, slide or jumping mat – it is best to wait until the ice melts.  Of course, your children’s backyard play time should always be supervised!

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