Purchasing a swing set or playground equipment for your yard is one of the best investments you can make for your children. In a world where it is increasingly difficult to get kids away from screens and interested in spending time outdoors, an outdoor play set provides kids with a fun and secure place to run and climb to their heart’s delight. A wooden playset is an excellent choice because it is sturdy, safe, and timeless. However, these swing sets require extra care to ensure it will outlast your child’s use of it.

Below, Rainbow Play Systems of Colorado’s swing set design experts list their tips for preserving your kid’s wooden swing set.

  1. Apply a Sealant

Wood is a beautiful and sturdy building material, but it is also more vulnerable to the elements than plastic or metal. They recommend using an oil-based stain on the wooden portions of the swing set every two years to help keep the wood healthy and keep the factory warranty valid.

  1. Keep All Components Clean

You should clean the entire play set, including the canopy and rubber areas, every few months. This will prevent dirt, mold, and rust from making a home on your child’s playground equipment, and prevent it from deteriorating.

  1. Periodically Check for Splinters

Wooden play sets carry a risk of splinters. Splinters may pierce your child’s skin while they are playing. Keep playtime safe and pain-free by checking for splinters every few months and sanding down any you find.  Applying the sealant helps the wood from checking and splintering.

  1. Tighten Nuts & Bolts as Needed

It is important to do a periodic safety check of all nuts and bolts. At least once a year, check on the nuts and bolts of your child’s playground. Specifically, look for any components which may have come loose or are missing. Tighten any loose nuts and bolts, and replace missing pieces to ensure the swing set remains secure and sturdy.

  1. Check the Health of the Wood

Age, insects, and wet weather can all cause wood to rot and decay, and your child’s play set is no exception. Applying a stain or sealant will help deter wood rot, but the wood can still deteriorate over time. Every season, check the health of the wood and replace components which are weak, damaged, or splintering.

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