When summer comes to a close and school begins, it’s time to start preparing your wooden swing set for winter. The Denver team at Rainbow Play Systems of Colorado explain the few steps to ensure your playground is ready for the freezing temperatures and snow. From sealant to routine repairs, the experts share some tips on how to keep your playset in top-shape year-round.

A Guide to Prep your Swing Set for Winter

  1. Apply a New Coat of Sealant

Wood expands and contracts with cooling and warming air, leading to cracking and splinters without the right protective measures. Just as you need to seal your deck every few years, it’s important to apply sealant to your wooden play set to prevent moisture damage. Tackle this task before the snow hits to keep it in good shape for the coming year.

  1. Repair Damage

Cold weather and snow will further damage existing damage. Take a day this fall to assess the wooden and metal components of your swing set to identify any repair or replacement needs. Look for rusted bolts and nuts and areas that need sanding. It’s easier to make the necessary fixes while the weather is still mild.

  1. Check Moving Parts

Many playsets feature moving parts. Fun accessories like swings, steering wheels, ropes and hanging bars can freeze during the winter. To maintain these components, ensure the chains are rust-free, the metal edges are smooth, and add lubricant to the steering wheels.

By following these steps, you maintain your wooden swing set for the harsher winter months. To learn more winterizing tips or to speak with a swing set design expert, call Rainbow Swing Sets of Colorado at (303) 292-0206. Visit their website or email rainbowswingsetsco@gmail.com for information on their unique and customizable commercial and residential wooden playgrounds, trampolines, and financing options.

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