Are you tired of your kids laying around the house all day? Although it is easy to tell children to “get outside and play,” motivating kids to want to head outdoors is a challenge. However, you can tip the scales in your favor by adding a new play set or trampoline to your yard.

Here are three amazing benefits of outdoor play, and why you should invest in a backyard play area:


Swing sets may appear sedentary, but they offer a workout as kids pump their legs and propel their bodies forward. Other activities, like jumping on a trampoline, also get their heart moving. Playgrounds in general, encourage kids to run, jump, and play—reducing their chances of childhood obesity and other preventable diseases.


When kids play with others outside, they practice social interaction with their peers. Playgrounds also offer the opportunity to build friendships and learn teamwork as your children explore together and dream up new games.

Reduce Stress

Kids who have the chance to run and play outside experience less stress than children who spend time indoors. Fun and interactive activities release endorphins and allows children to naturally de-stress.  These endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body.  They’re releasing their pent-up energy, which helps them to focus better in school.

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