If you’re shopping around for playground equipment, one of the first decisions to make is what material to go with. Wood and metal are the two most common options.  However, wooden swing sets offer more benefits – making it a better investment. Notably, the wood models are safer, more attractive, and built to last.

  1. Appearance

The natural, elegant look of wood is preferable to the cold appearance of metal. Wood playgrounds blend in nicely with the green environment of any property, while metal looks industrial. They’re also often assembled with more games and features than a metal structure, providing children additional fun and entertainment.

  1. Durability and Longevity

Wood playsets are much more durable than the metal options, as long as they are maintained.  Metal playgrounds often need to be replaced every 10-12 years.  Metal equipment is easily weakened by rust over time. Rainbow Play System’s swing sets are engineered with big beam constructions and commercial hardware.  Wood structures also support more weight, so they are ideal for growing children.  This is why Rainbow Play Systems guarantees their products with an exclusive lifetime warranty.

  1. Safety

Since wood play sets are stronger than metal, they are typically safer as well. They won’t break or bend in the way metal materials do. Also, wood play sets offer a softer landing when children fall and aren’t susceptible to overheating from sun exposure the way metal is.

Are you looking for a wooden swing set for your kids? Rainbow Play Systems of Colorado has served many satisfied customers in and around Denver, Colorado for over 30 years. You can call a swing set design expert at 303-292-0206 or visit their swing set and trampoline superstore today at 5250 Broadway Denver, CO 80216.  You can view their current promotions or visit their website for further information.  Bring your kids in for a test drive today!

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