Wood 101: Box Sets

The Super Funhouse, Fiesta, and Carnival Series sets are made with 100% solid Imported Cedar also known as Chinese Fir or scientifically named Cunninghamia Lanceolata. Our All-American Series swing sets are part of the boxed series using 100% Certified North American Timber.

All Rainbow Play Systems North American lumber suppliers are “Certified”. The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)calls for third-party inspections of forestlands for sustainability and habitat use. Certification has been set-up to ensure mills produce “Certified Lumber”, which means lumber that has been approved to be harvested under an agreement reached in cooperation with scientists, environmental groups and foresters so as not to harm watersheds
around streams, wildlife or soil erosion, and to ensure no one area is over-harvested.

Glued versus Solid Timbers

Some companies may say their swing sets are “Premium Cedar” or “Pacific Cedar”, but they are actually importing lumber (Cunninghamia Lanceolata) that has been GLUED together. Some companies would lead you to believe that the lumber they use is “Premium.” Glued together timber is not Premium. Ask them, is the glue child-safe? What research has been done?

The only reason for gluing small pieces of wood together is to save on cost. The durability, strength, and outdoor performance of glued together lumber is unknown. Rainbow’s use of solid timbers in key structural areas (Main Support Members, Swing Beams, and Swing Beam Support Legs) can assure you that NO safety, or quality is compromised in our swing sets, including sets made from imported wood. In our professional opinion, glued timbers should not be incorporated into children’s playgrounds.

On the left: Glued 4x6 End – Multiple Thin Pieces Glued Together, Multiple Cracks.
Middle: Glued 4x4 Timber End – 2 Pieces Glued Together
Right: Compare the difference – Glued Timber End versus Solid Timber End. Rainbow Does Not use Glued Timbers!