Wood 101: Redwood Sets

Rainbow’s main product line features the entire play set made with 100% Certified California Redwood, which includes the Sunshine, Rainbow, Monster, King Kong & Imaginary Play Series.

Rainbow® Play Systems are built to last. California Redwood has successfully proven its long-term durability: OVER 100 YEAR TRACK RECORD IN AMERICA!

  • Redwood only requires Sun, Water & Soil to “manufacture.”
  • Redwood forests meet the strict harvesting standards of the state of California.
  • Redwood is Renewable & Recyclable.
  • Because Redwood trees grow quickly, photosynthesis occurs at an accelerated rate removing more carbon from the atmosphere.
  • Redwood absorbs and traps carbon dioxide keeping it out of our atmosphere for the Lifetime of the product.
  • Redwood uses 98% less energy to “produce” than the composite wood.

Not only do we care about what goes into our swing sets, but we are concerned with the impacts harvesting lumber has on our environment. Owning a Rainbow Play System means making the environmentally responsible choice. We are proud to use 100 Certified Pure Redwood Timber in our main product line, American’s greatest renewable resource!

5 Trees Are Planted for Every 1 Tree Harvested!

The strength of wood is built into every Rainbow: